Monday, April 6, 2009

Media Coverage of KIA

So CNN posts "Ban lifted, media witness solemn return of fallen service member"The article goes on the explain how Staff Sergeant Phillip Myers, US Air Force, was killed in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan on Saturday. Since Obama had opted to lift the ban Bush Sr put in place nearly 20 years ago, prohibiting media coverage of the flag draped coffins bearing KIA service members returning from war... I guess it was saying Ssgt Myers widow chose to allow

CNN says "Her decision to do so was historical and allowed the public to see a side of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the country has not yet seen." Thats bull... Seriously, a side of the wars the country has not yet seen? Like we don't know what's going on over there or something? Why do we need to SEE the flag draped caskets returning? I think it's incredibly tacky and disrespectful. The KIS service member's return to Dover AFB is meant to be a private time for the families, and the whole act of media coverage was banned in the first place out of RESPECT for the servicemember and the greeving familys!

CNN goes on to say "Watching all of this were about 40 journalists allowed to cover the return of Myers' remains... The media were not allowed to cover the other soldier's transfer and were not given his name or the circumstances of his death, because the family had not granted permission."

Ok, look, there is no way in hell i'd give the media permission to exploite my husband's death (God forbid something happen to him)... And really, if I was that other service member's family, i'd be hella pissed that even though the media wern't taking pictures of my husband, i'd just be pissed that they were there in the
first place! I mean seriously? does it really take 40 people to sit there and take pics? NO!!! You allow one... ONE DOD photographer to photograph the transfer, and then allow access to those photographs for other media outlets.

Oh yeah, and I won't be reposting the pics from
Ssgt Myers transfer (tacky) so here's a few screen shots from HBO's Taking Chance. P.S. You want to learn more about the handling of the DOD's KIA, this is a great movie to watch.

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