Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pop-Tart Love

So I had been buying strawberry Pop-Tarts with out the frosting. We'll eat a pack every day, or two. I get one and Makayla gets the other. Well frankly I was getting kinds sick of the strawberry. So I went to the grocery store and was looking for frostless Brown Sugar Cinnamon, couldn't find them, so I wound up with the ones with frosting. So this morning I hand Makayla the Pop-Tart, now mind you, up until this point she's never seen frosting on a Pop-Tart before...

Makayla: What's this?

Mommy: It's a Pop-Tart.

Makayla: No, What's this? [points at frosting]

Mommy: It's frosting.
Makayla: Frosting?!?
Mommy: HaHa, yeah.

Makayla: Oh Mommy! Taaaaank you!!!

Mommy: HaHa it's not a big deal.

Makayla: You put frosting on Pop-Tart! Tank you Mommy!!! I love you mommy [hug & kiss]

I love how she's impressed by the little things... If only we could keep it this way forever.