Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peeps Maker

You know Easter is right around the corner when you start seeing all the Peeps in the stores. This is one holiday treat I just don't get, especially the strange tradition of leaving the Peeps out uncovered for weeks to harden before consumption. And this isn't just a regional phenomenom - I've seen people do this on both coasts. If you're as Peeps obsessed as some folks I know, you may delight in the fact that you can make your own with this Peeps Marshmallow Maker. Comes with everything you need including fun molds to make your beloved Peeps so you don't have to wait once a year for them at stores. Now can somebody tell me what the appeal of Peeps is? I just don't get it...
Peeps Marshmallow Maker
Easter’s such fun due in large part to the
prevalence of Peeps! Did you know you
can now make these marshmallow treats
at home? It’s true! Make your own fresh
Peeps with this quirky kit. It com
es with
Peeps molds, marshmallow mix & bright
pink and yellow sugar! If you’re totally a
Peeps-a-holic we sell mix refills too. Yes!
$26 for machine / $8 for mixes