Friday, July 3, 2009

Navy Concert Series: Leann Rimes

Well this being my first USO/MWR concert... I guess I don't know how they usually go... But I have to say, I was pretty disappointed... Well in Leann Rimes at least. It became apparent fairly quick, that the ONLY reason she agreed to do the show was because she's got a new CD coming out... Seriously, I was so bummed over her set... She did "Blue", “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”, and “Something’s Gotta Give”... Everything... I mean EVERYTHING else was stuff she was pushing off her new CD that no one knew. I mean, whatever, throw a new song or tw in there... But seriously, like 10 songs off your new CD that no one knows, and only do 3... 3! or your "clasics"? I was soooo bummed... I mean she didn't even do “You’re the right kind of wrong”, “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way”, or even "How Do I Live”! In all honesty I was A LOT more impressed with the opening act, Tail Gate Down.