Saturday, July 18, 2009

Newest Family Member!

So somehow we acquired a tortoise today! DH went to work to look for his missing cell phone and decided to take our 3 year old... He claims there happened to be another Marine who got caught keeping this tortoise and a couple Guinea Pigs in the barracks, he gave some sob story about how he found the Guinea Pigs a home but needed someone to take the tortoise... Now mind you our 3 year olds's standing right there... So then she starts... She wants to play with the tortoise and take it home... And my husband CAN'T say no to her! Ugh! So I get a phone call from HER saying "daddy got me MY turtle" ...Great... One more thing to take care of... So far it's been pretty easy, we propped the thing up in front of the TV and he's watching Disney right now... Seems fairly happy... And interested in the show...

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