Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Salute to Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines

"A Salute to Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines" is the FIRST illustrated children's book about the United States Marine Corps and so incredibly cute, I'm ordering mine today! Written by Active-Duty Marine, this hardback beautify illustrated rhyming book takes readers on a journey with Chesty the bulldog into the world of the U.S. Marine... And best of all, sales of this book help support the Injured Marine - Semper Fi Fund (what a great cause)!
"The hardback book is written in a delightful rhyming cadence with Chesty the Bulldog, the Corps’ mascot, giving a fun-filled, exuberant account of life as a Marine.

Chesty begins his narrative on the yellow footprints of a U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, where every recruit’s journey begins: “Marines first go to boot camp, where drill instructors are loud. If they pass, they become one of the few and proud.”

Beautifully simplistic in its rhetoric, the book covers the basics of marksmanship and physical training, along with touching upon the ways a Marine can attack by land, air or sea. It even acknowledges the heartbreaking truth that sometimes a Marine has to leave family and friends behind in order to protect and defend America’s interests abroad.

The illustrations by Rebecca Wochner give the book added appeal by featuring Chesty in a multitude of military scenarios that easily capture and stimulate the imagination of young and old alike.
To read more of Captain Bosquez's review, click HERE.
This book can be purchased from Amazon, Sgt.Grit's, The Marine Shop or marinekidsbook.blogspot.com

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! We are trying to find things like this so when the man husband deploys, we can show our son what daddy is doing. Thanks again!! ;0)