Monday, January 3, 2011

Worst fashion disasters of the decade

posted on the by Cindy McNat

Every decade sees its horrendous fashion mistakes – remember the mullet, puffy bangs and hot pants? The first decade of 2000 has been no different with hideous fashion that will hopefully fall by the wayside, and soon.
We rounded up 10 fashion disasters that we are dying to forget. Vote on what you think has been the worst.

Capri pants

Trout pout

Platform flip flops

Skinny jeans on guys

Reverse French mani

Crocs of all kinds

Harem "scare um" pants

Faux hawk

Spray-on tans

Purse-size dogs


  1. Oh no, is it bad if I wear capri pants and crocs at the same time?

  2. Whatev girl! I love me some capris! hahahaha

  3. I think the capris and crocs cancel each other out and make it fashionably ok... Or at least that's what I'm hoping... And I love capris too Ashley. I'm kinda surprised they made number 1 on the OC Register list... Maybe they're not so bad if you don't buy high waist ones and tuck them into polo shirts.