Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cold Feet

In military family's it almost never seems like a good time to plan for a baby

We had originally planned to have our children 3 years apart. Well here my daughter is 3-1/2 and she still has no sister or brother... Not even one on the way.

My husband and I had been planning on getting pregnant some time this month or next. Which would put the baby due July-August... Well we're now going to have to put the baby making on hold since his recruiting school in May may not be such a sure thing. We've been waiting and waiting on orders... I've learned to only believe things when I see them... And until I see the actual dates written and signed on paper, I'm not holding my breath for anything.

We're only like 75% sure the hubby would be gettin in the May recruiting class, which would put him at a late June graduation date.... And then when I really got to thinking about it, not having a CLUE where we will be PCSing to, till 3 WEEKS prior to the move... And being 8-9 months pregnant... Hmm... That might not be such a good idea.

So we've been thinking... Maybe it would be a better idea to wait till we get the actual orders

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