Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I had... Well I still have my "Semi-Homemade Vegetarian Cooking" blog... Ok some of you probably didn't even know I had it... But it's been nearly a year since I've updated it... I've let it sit there thinking at some point I would come back and start posting again... But then I found myself posting all my recipes and cooking finds here... Which made my other blog pointless.

Sooooooo... In an attempt to save all my recipes, and share them with those who hadn't been following my
"Semi-Homemade Vegetarian Cooking" blog... Over the next few months I will slowley be saving my recipes here so I may delete my old blog... So I'm sure you will notive an abundence of recipes... I hope you all enjoy them, and don't get too annoyed. I will probably auto save a recipe to be posted a day, but will still be posting my regular (non food related) blogs. (-:

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