Wednesday, December 17, 2008

25 Days of Christmas: Day 17

Elf Boot Stocking
By: Family Fun

2 pieces of light green fleece, each 24 by 20 inches
3 pieces of dark green felt, each 24 by 20 inches
Long sewing pins
Large-eye sewing needle
Dark green embroidery floss
Red jingle bells, 4 medium and 1 large
Clear tape
9 inches of red twist cord
Time needed: About 2 to 3 Hours

1. The Basic Stocking: Click here to download the elf boot stocking pattern.

2. Cut 1 boot shape from each piece of the light green fleece

3. Cut a decorative shape from 1 piece of the dark green felt for the front of the stocking and 1 stocking shape from each of the remaining 2 pieces of the felt.

4. Place a light green boot on top of a dark green boot, pin the decorative shape on top, and use the floss to whipstitch (see page 131) around the inner edge of decorative shape through both boots.

5. Pin together all 4 boots with the dark green boots on the inside.

6. Using the floss, whipstitch around the edges, sewing the boots together. Leave the top edges unsewn.

7. At the top, sew together the front 2 edges, then the back 2.

8. Fold down the top to make a cuff.

9. The trimmings: Use the floss to sew the medium red bells to the decorative shape and the large red bell to the toe tip.

10. Tape the ends of the cord to keep them from fraying, then sew the cord to the stocking for hanging.

11. Stuff the curly toe of the boot with fiberfill to keep it from flopping over when the stocking is empty.

Tips: A Stitch for All StockingsThread your needle with a length of floss and knot one end. Begin sewing by pushing the needle up through the underside of the fabric and then out the top. Loop the needle back under the fabric and repeat the stitch.

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