Thursday, December 18, 2008

25 Days of Christmas: Day 18

I've always found it kinda hard to find things to make for babies... Well here's a great gift that EVERY baby can use. BIBS! I found this great tutorial on Sew Funky!

Materials Required:
33cm x 28cm Printed Cotton
33cm x 28cm Toweling
33cm x 28cm Flannel or Similar
Cotton Velcro

1. Make a pattern or use one from the internet - chickpea sewing studio has a good one. Mine is longer than hers, and you can adjust the pattern to suit what you want. I based mine on a bib I was given when my girls were small. (Thanks Anita!)

2. Lay your pattern out on your chosen cotton fabric, pin & cut out.

3. Lay your pattern out on your chosen toweling fabric, pin & cut out.

4. Lay your pattern out on your chosen backing fabric, pin & cut out. (only took a pic of cutting)
5. Make heaps at a time - I made 10 bibs this time! You can make it like a factory line.
6. At this point you could zig-zag the edges, but as the edges get clipped later there isn't much need.

7. Layer the fabric like this; First the toweling
then the printed cotton (face up)
last, place the backing fabric on the top (face down)
8. Pin together and sew, leaving a gap on the side so you can pull the bib right way out!

9. Carefully, trim away the edges leaving a small edge. This makes the bib sit nicely when you pull it through!
10. Pull the bib through the gap you left at stage 8. Use a chopstick or something similar to get the neck to look right.
11. Iron the bib.
12. Top-stitch the edges so that the bib sits nicely. You can use a fancy stitch if you like.
13. Sew Velcro on so that neck can open and shut easily.
14. You have a great little bib!!

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