Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shady Walmart?

So I've never had a problem like this at Walmart before... Or any store for that matter. So last week my husband goes to Walmart and buys 4 pairs of PJ's for our 2-1/2 year old. They were supposed to be on sale for $4.99 each, they were marked at $4.99 in the weekly flyer and and on the rack. After my husband came home, I checked the receipt and found that they rang up at $9.99 each. Needless to say I sent my husband back to get the price changed after work the next day. Unfortunately they said they couldn't give him the $4.99 price because "that sale ended yesterday" and even though he had a receipt to prove he had bought the items the day before they refused to refund him the difference. So he had to just return them all together.

Ok, so this is not the Walmart we usually go to. But it happened to be out where we went to dinner yesterday, so I decided to just run in and grab the items that we were planning to buy from the Walmart closer to our house. This is so frustrating, I only caught one thing at the time, and didn't really look at everything else till we got in the car... And at that point it was too late and not going back into the store to stand in the 45 minute costumer service line to return it.

Jumperoo marked $39.99, charged $59.96; Cookie Cutters marked $4.99, charged $6.00; Ballet Flat Shoes marked $8.99, charged $10.00; But this is the one that irritates me the most... Toddler Shoes marked $9.99, charged $10.00, at home I pealed off the sale sticker to see that she original price of the shoes were $6.99!

I caught the Jumperoo at the time and didn't end up buying it... But the rest I ended up paying for... Now yeah, that's only the difference of $5.03, which to me wasn't worth standing in the 45 minute customer service line... But the crappy thing for the consumers is I know I was NOT the only person that this happened to! You've got to figure there had to of been a good 200 people who went through those registers just in the hour I was in there... Now if each of those 200 people were wrongfully over charged $5, that's an extra $1000 for that Walmart... JUST IN A HOUR... Coming out to $24,000 a day, $168,000 a week and $672,000 just for the month of December!