Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Walmart did it again...

* Dec.23rd, 7:47pm *
Ok... So 28 days ago I order my husband an elliptical from Walmart and have it shipped from "site to store" for Christmas. A week later I receive an email from Walmart letting me know that my order had come into my local store and I had till 6pm on December 24th to go and pick it up.

Well something like an elliptical would be a hard thing to hide for 3 weeks, so I decided to wait till today to go and pick it up. Well unfortunately for me, Walmart is soooo unorganized that they somehow managed to LOOSE my damn item. Now mind you this was my husband's big gift... AND I've already paid for it... And just BAM, they misplaced my elliptical! Since they don't even sell this thing in their stores, they pretty much gave me 2 options:
( 1 ) Cancel the order
( 2 ) Wait till it just "shows up"

WHAT!?! This is my husbands BIG gift! Ugh, and this is actually the 2nd year this has happened. Last year the weight machine I bought him got placed on back order and I ended up not receiving it till Mid-January! Ugh, I have the worst luck!

* Update: Dec.24th, 11:45am *
I can't even begin to explain how pissed off I am right now! So the girl I talked to back in the "site-to-store" section yesterday said she'd look into it some more and talk to a couple managers to see if they can locate the missing item and would give me a call today at 10am... Well she called at 10 this morning saying "I'm really sorry but we were unable to locate your item and will be issuing you a refund" WHAT?!? This is my husband's big Christmas present! And all you can do is issue me a refund?!? Ok, I really didn't want to take it out on that poor girl cuz she was really nice about the whole thing, and it really wasn't her fault. So I ask to speak to a manager. WOW! I mean I understand it's Christmas-Eve and you're probably stressed out but this woman was a total BITCH! I flat out told her I was trying to be incredibly nice considering HER store LOST my husband's Christmas present that I already paid for! And now it's too late to reorder it or even run around to different stores to find it! All I was wanting her to do was to call around the other local stores to find me one. But she coped a major attitude with me telling me, "Ma'am, I clearly don't know off the top of my head if another store will have this item". DUH YA MORON! I'm asking YOU to freakin call the other stores cuz this is clearly YOUR stores fault and not mine! Grrr... So I've talked to her, and 2 ladies at their HQ office and they are supposedly looking for one... We'll see if I get a call back.

* Update: Dec.24th, 5:00pm *
Oh man has it been a LONG day! Contacting HQ was useless they never called me back! I called 3 other Walmarts and they were all pretty bad. One manager even told me I shouldn't have waited till the last minute to buy one. No crap, ya think? In the end Walmart only sells the item online... I tried calling JC Penny's, Kmart, and Target who all carry the item online as well... But of course they don't sell it in the store. I did get a hold of Dick's Sporting Goods who told me they DO sell it in the store... But checked and they were all out. Crap! Apparently ellipticals are popular items this year! And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I gave up hope and finally told my husband about the Christmas present he wasn't going to get... The manager from the Walmart the elliptical was supposed to be shipped to called me back! And shockingly they had "found" an elliptical just an hour before they closed! So I ruched down there, battled the crowd of last minute shoppers and wound up getting an elliptical! Too bad now my husband knows what he's gettin for Xmas. )-: