Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diet... Part Two

Well I managed to keep down one of McDonalds Carmel Frappe's last night, which is the most callories I think I've taken in all week... Granted it was only 550... But stll I think that's progress. I weighed myself today and I've dropped eight pounds in two weeks. I guess at this point I can say "yay" ...maybe... I came really close to eating breakfast this morning until the husband/soon-to-be-ex called and decided he wanted to buy himself a new car since I got the Accent last night. He thinks he has the right to sell the Altama now and take the $18,000 profit from that... Pay off the $5,750 he owes me per our agreement on the Altama... And then just take the remainining $12,250 and put it towards a new fully loaded Hyundai Sonata... Something doesn't seem right here... I feel like i'm getting the short end of the stick... Had we had split the Profits off the Altama we both would have walked away with $9,000... But he wanted to keep the Altama, and besides, in our agreement that Altama is supposd to be used a colateral that he pay off my Accent, because if he defaults, I take full ownership o the Altama since it's basicly paid off. But now that he's gone out and got the cheal Accent for me, he's dcided to go sell the Altama so he doesn't have to har the proffits... Besides, him getting a new car where he owed $12,000 on it, isn't much colateral for me... Because if he defaults on my little $11,500 car... What's the point of me taking ownership of a car that's got $12,000 still owed on it? The wole point was using the basicly paid off car as leverage... That makes since right? Cuz it makes since to me... But he's not getting it. His phraise of the day "You win again, see this is why I want a divorce, you're always trying to control me" ...Funny, I thought he needed a divorce cuz his gilfriend wasn't cool with him having a wife ::shrugs::

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