Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He loves me, He loves me not...

A couple weeks ago, my husband of six years, whom I've known for eight years, whom I've gone through two deployments and with whom I have a wonderful and adorable 4 year old with, told me that while he "loves" me, he's just not "in love" with me. This really came out of no where... We hadn't been fighting, not arguing in the slightest. Everything had been great. So for him to randomly inform me he no longer loved me, I didn't freak, I just suggested we seek out counseling. But he went on the explain that he no longer has ANY feelings for me, in fact, he never loved me, he doesn't want to get help or "work" on the marriage, he just wants a divorce and to move on.

I feel like a discarded pet that a kid has got bored with. You'd think for me to be essentially dumped this way that we were dating... Who dumps their wife of 6 years like this?

I'm now at a total loss of what to do. I've become so enveloped in my husband's life, I can't even think a complete thought without my husband involved. How do people do it? Honestly... can a marriage be so bad that you're willing to break the closest relationship you've ever had with someone, the most meaningful, just to say "I stopped loving her" or "it got too bad." I know how naive and ignorant this sounds. Trust me I do.

I think one of the problems is that, music and movies portray love as this fiery, passionate, sexual emotion and feeling that makes you lose control. But guess what? Love is a verb, not a noun, and it requires action and choices that will keep you and your spouse together. Sure, y’all may get on each other’s nerves from time to time. You may not agree all the time, and you may have some fundamental differences. But it’s nothing that cannot be overcome with some solid communication and the choice to love one another NO MATTER WHAT!

Marriage is forever, or at least it should be... Or at least that's what I believe. It's not a fad as popular belief would have it be. It's not a contract, as many military marriages are. And it just kills me, because I do NOT believe in divorce... And here I am going through it.

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