Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Car

Ok so here's our dilemma... We have one car... We've got a 2 year old fully loaded Nissan Antama, the car is all but $4,000 paid off. So my soon-to-be-ex and I got to talking, we were originally discussing selling the Altama and splitting the profits and then goin our separate way and buying new cars... But that really seemedlike a waist... We've paid off $21,000 on that car... Only $4k to go... It's almost paid off... Plus, my husband LOVES that car... PLUS the only problem is that my credit is so shot from our marriage that I wouldn't qualify for a loan... So we worked out a deal where he would take ownership of the Altama and finish making the payments on that car, and in return take out a loan for my new car and make half the payments on that. So, we started looking into prices on Nissan Versa's, Hyundai Accents & Elantras, and Kia Forte and Soul's. After a week we finally found a 2010 Hyundai Accent up near DC and got the dealership down to $11,500 out the door (taxes, licence, tags, all) by far (well $2,000) the best deal. So we drove 3-1/2 hours up to DC got the car... Wound up taking more like 4-1/2 or even 5 because the freeway got shut down for an hour... Spent maybe 45 minutes at the dealership filling out the paperwork, they didn't give us the run around or anything... In an out... And I've finally got a car of my own! Yay! Step one to Independence.

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