Sunday, June 27, 2010

The truth...

So last night I got to thinking... My husband's been talking to his buddy in NYC an aweful lot latley... And the fact that this kid had a Phoenix number was just not sitting right with me... So I recided to become my own private investigator. So I logged into my husband's Facebook account and went through all the girls on his friends list looking for a Phoenix number... And there I found it... Skanky Whitney. Funny thing was, this number my husband had been texthing and calling, night and day... He went as far as to program the number under his buddy "Patrick" so I wouldn't suspect anything... But what made me really suspicious were the texts that he forgot to delete that said "My address is XXX Granby St... Is tonight casual or what" ...Uhh ok, well Patrick lives in NY, so why would he be giving my husband a local adress... And I didn't undestand the casual comment like they were going out or something... Because that night by husband didn't say anything to me about goin out, he was tryin to rush me off to bed... Musta been plannin on headin over to her house as soon as I fell asleep.

So I went through his Facebook friend list, wasn'teven hard to find her number listed right there on her page. I confronted him about it... And as he says "it is what it is". This definatly hurts more then his previous excuse for a divorce that he "just didn't love [me] any more"... This goes beyond that... Now only does he not ove me anymore, he's compleatly move on... Only a week and a half after telling me he wants a divorce... And I am still compleatly in love with him... It just kills me.

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