Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crazy people [[Rant Warning]]

Oh the stupidity of some people absolutely AMAZES me...  Prepare for a vent... And if you don't feel like listening to my bitching (which doesn't happen too often on here) then quit reading.

So I have had a "friend" ok she was kinda annoying me in the first place, so this was just kinda a last straw type thing... A little background, i've known this girl for about 5 years, she met her husband last year [friend of a friend type thing] he's a good guy... So I kid you not, 3 months after they meet, they get married (I don't think there was even an engagement period)... A months later, she's pregnant. Unfortunately [and fortunately, depending on how you look at it] this friend had preemie at 33 weeks, he (the baby) got lucky, he only had to spend three weeks in the hospital... After she had him, I curiously asked her what caused the early labor, I figured it was blood pressure but she only spent 4 days in the hospital so I was curious. Well she responds with a real nonchalant "ehh, I don't know". I asked what the doctors had said and she replies with "Ehh, they're running some tests, they don't really know." Uhh, ok, that doesn't sound right, but if she didn't wanna tell me, she didn't wanna tell me.

So Lil'J has been out of the hospital a month as of today, which makes him 7 weeks old. Over all he's doing well, they had him at the doctors for some minor breathing problems a week or so ago, but nothing too severe... Well anyways, so this girl posts on her Facebook page today a picture of Lil'J wearing a "Big Brother" shirt. Which kinda confused me, so I text her asking what was up with the shirt, because surly she's not pregnant, I mean in full term pregnancies doctors instruct mothers to refrain from sex for 6 weeks after delivery... And I mean, you'd think if they have ABSOLUTELY no idea what caused this preterm labor (like this girl said) she would have been told to hold off having sex till after tests came back. So when I got a response text confirming that she was indeed pregnant, I immediately called her.

"What?! How?! You're supposed to wait 6 weeks before having sex! Are you sure? What birth control are you on? Did it fail?! Wait, you had sex already?! How pregnant are you?!" [too many things running through my head at once]

At this point she started to get irritated with me, probably because in the heat of it all, I totally forgot to say congrats... But I was in shock! She goes on to tell me that she's just over a month along. My jaw coulda hit the floor! I asked if she ran this all by a doctor (still hearing my midwife's warnings to wait for 6 weeks in my head) she got real pissed at that point almost shouting that she doesn't have to run her sex life by a doctor... Ok, ok, ok, I stepped over the line there... Not knowing what else to say I stated doing the math in my head... Lil'J is 7 weeks old... She is "just over a month" pregnant... So had to have gotten pregnant when Lil'J was just under 3 weeks old... Lil'J didn't get out of the hospital till he was 3 weeks old... She got pregnant with baby #2, while baby #1 was still in the hospital... Hmm... 

I bit my tongue... I mean I bit it damn hard... Finally, in what was probably the most fake cheerful voice I could produce I just said "Oh, I didn't know you were planning on having more children" (I figured baby#2 was a surprise) Nooooope! She responds with "Well it was God's will" Well that kinda urked me because she was bitching, I mean full on bitching just 7 weeks ago about how much she hated God because her son of born preemie... And then she goes and has unprotected sex three weeks later knowing she could and probably would get pregnant... And all the while, still not knowing why she went into early labor in the first place. I don't know why this bothers me so much. I mean usually I have a "to each their own" type philosophy... I don't know, maybe I look at it, like they're bringing another child into this word who could potentially have these massive health problems... Well yes, I know there is a chance ANYONE at ANYTIME could give birth to a child (not just a preemie) who has health issues...

Ok, so I wrote the above, 5 or so days ago... I decided not to post it, as it was a vent... I let myself cool off, I called this girl to see how she was doing as she was planning on telling her family the "good news" over a family dinner last night... Well needless to say, her family was kinda pissed. So I tried to comfort my friend, tried giving her some incite on her family's point of view (since I completely see where they're coming from). Well this girl launches into this whole thing about "it's God's will" which turned into a rant on her family and how they just don't want her to be happy... The rant got more and more outrages as she went on (I sat in silence throwing out the random "Uh huh") Eventually she started bitching about how she always wanted twins so she could dress them alike... Blah blah blah... Then it went back to her being pissed at God because he didn't give her twins... Blah blah blah...

Then the conversation ender: "I'm glad [Lil'J] was premie, this way I could get pregnant right away, I hope the next one's premie too so they can be like 6 or 7 months apart. I could tell everyone they were twins!" ...Ok, it was at that point I made an excuse to get off the phone... This girl is flat out CRAZY!

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  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Ya that is a tad bit insane on her part. :( I don't think anyone should HOPE that their child doesn't reach full term. How sad.