Saturday, July 9, 2011

Splash Parks around Orange County

I don’t know about you… but finding fun things to do in summer can be a bit overwhelming. But, if you are looking for kids outdoor activities, then our fabulous Orange County splash parks should definitely be on your list. Whether you call them splash parks, splash pads, or splash & plays, I think we’d all agree that splash parks are the answer to summer boredom. Plus they’re free & they get kids out of the house & playing on the playground.

  • Heritage Park: 14301 Yale Ave., Irvine (located at the corner of Walnut & Yale)
  • Irvine Spectrum Center Pop-up Fountains: 71 Fortune Dr., Irvine. 2 sets of fountains: one “larger splash” play zone near the movie theater & restaurant area, another “smaller splash” play zone near Target.
  • Pop-up Fountain Play Area: Main St. & Prospect Ave., Tustin. Fountains located behind the City of Tustin sign.

A few other places you can take the kids to get wet, that didn’t quite make the list (because they aren’t open to the general public, or there is a fee required):

  • Ladera Ranch: Boreal Plunge, Canterra Plunge, Celestial Plunge, Cherry Plunge, Creighton Plunge, Township Plunge, Terramor Aquatic Park. Move to Ladera Ranch, or at least make friends with someone who lives there, because all of these “plunges” require Ladera Ranch key card access.


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