Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get off youtube and get back to work!

By now you surely have heard and/or seen footage of the soldier who asked Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. Alright, it was pretty funny when Justin Timberlake maneuvered her into and corner and basically made it impossible for her to say no to an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball.

And it was still okay when a female Marine seized the day, called Justin out and got herself a dream date of her own. But now it's starting to get a bit ridiculous, a third Marine's asked Miley Cyrus, to one of the balls at Pendleton... And even worse when Sgt. Ray Lewis to create yet another video, asking Betty White to the November event... Ok, come on now, you'd think maybe the kids would get the hint that this is getting old... But no. Sgt. Dustin L. Williams followed it up by creating a YouTube video inviting Scarlett Johansson to a ball in Georgia... In which she politely declined.

What follows is the good, the bad and the ugly for Marine Corps ball invitations:

First, Cpl. Michael Sullivan decided to ask Emma Stone, who appeared in “Superbad,” “Zombieland” and other movies:

Cpl. Brenton Gunning went with Hayden Panettierre of “Heroes” fame for his invitation:

This Marine decided to invite Lindsay Lohan… although he may have confused her with Miley Cyrus:

And these Marine chefs decided to invite Nicky Minaj. No word on whether they’ll cook for her.

This female Marine asked rapper Drake to go with her. Her husband must be thrilled.

Another female Marine, another invitation for Drake:

Cpl. Bates asks Hugh Hefner to get him a ball date with all of his Playboy Bunnies. Shockingly, his jaw appears to be wired shut due to some unfortunate party accident:

Finally, this Marine takes a minute of his “not very busy day” to ask Scarlett Johansson.

Several other Marines had invitations posted, but their videos were subsequently removed. I assume a gunnery sergeant somewhere may be involved. Surely, we’ve exhausted all possibility of originality with this phenomenon… right?


  1. THANK YOU! They are making a complete joke out of the Marine Corps Ball. These "famous people" are going to come and think this is just something else they can put on their little resume. They have no pride behind it like all the wives who stay up all night waiting to get a call or email while their husbands are deployed. Who have to explain to the kids when their daddy will be back, or why he isn't coming back. They have no reason to be there. None.

    Also shame on these marines who have a ring on their finger and making these stupid videos.

  2. Oh relax and let them have a little fun.... they are putting their lives on the line.... chill out and you can't tell me half the wives that show up fully understand the importance of each tradition that happens that night,(I bet most of them don't even know who Lejeune is and think it is only a base!!!) for half of them it is just a chance to spend too much money for a dress, that is too small for them any way and get their hair and nails done.