Thursday, July 21, 2011


I saw this on Perez Hilton the other day...

Truth be told, when I started researching mine and my ex's family trees (we were married at the time)... I found out that we were actually related as well! My grandpa on my dad's side was born in West Virginia, and my ex's Great-Grandma (oh his mom's side) was also from West Virginia... And wouldn't you know it... So was Barbra Bush! HaHa. So, supposedly Barbra Bush (Bush Sr's wife) is my 3rd cousin once removed... And she was also my ex's 4th cousin, two or three times removed (I can't remember now) ...So that would make us what, 7th cousins, 3 (or 4) times removed? I'm not sure how the math works there... But still. Like Kyra said, "It was a little upsetting, I'm not gunna lie".

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