Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zhu Zhu Pet deal!

There's a MEGA Zhu Zhu Pet sale going on right now at CVS... All... And I mean ALL Zhu Zhu Pet products are $2 EACH!!! As advertised in Sunday's CVS add, All Zhu Zhu Pet Hampsters or accessories, 5/$10 with card! This is definitely what I would consider a “stockpile” price on Zhu Zhu pets, these would make great birthday or Christmas gifts. 

On the Go Hotel  ($24.99)
Add-On Room 3 Piece Assortment  ($24.99)
Drive-Through Overpass ($24.99)
Beauty Salon ($24.99)
Babies Push-a-Long - Robin ($14.99)
Hamster Hangout ($12.99)
Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster ($9.99)
Zhu Zhu Babies ($9.99)
Sub Total: $147.92
Total With Card: $16.00
ECB: -$3 
GRAND TOTAL: $13 (!!!)
Seriously all that -->
for only 13!!!

Here's the catch... Some stores aren't marking them the sale price, but it's in the add, so all CVS's must honor it... Some stores, like the two I went to this morning, they rang up only 50% off... The first store I went to, they refused to honor the sale price (didn't have it posted either), so I left, the 2nd store I went to did have the price listed as 5/$10, and did a price change and gave them to me for $2. Just make sure you ask, and show the add if need be. The offer is valid through July 23rd, but supplies are going fast so I suggest you head down to your local CVS today to take advantage of this awesome deal!

Looking to save even more?!? If you plan on spending $20 or more at CVS, you can sign up for CVS's Extra Care Emails where you will receive a coupon for $4 off a $20 purchase!

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