Friday, July 15, 2011

Gotta love the haters...

Am I the only blogger that has some haters? The women that spend their days looking to insult others? I don't understand this at all. Recently I have received a couple of negative comments towards my opinions, posts, typos and just writing style in general... And I thought I would go ahead and take a minute to address them since the commenter seems to be getting increasingly irritated that I refuse to "approve" their dramatic comments.

First I want to say that I appreciate my readers comments, I enjoy reading your feed back, well, the 99% that tends to be positive that is. I don't mind if someone disagrees with one of my posts, I don't mind if someone wishes to voice their disagreement. But please, be an adult [I am] and do so respectfully. 

On that note, this is my personal blog. I created this blog so I could write about, well, whatever I felt like writing about. I am not a professional writer, nor do I get paid for this. This page, my own personal blog, which expresses nothing more then MY personal opinions on subjects that I choose to share with the world [or at least my own little corner of the internet] ...And, because this is MY blog, I have full control over what I post, and what I allow to be posted by readers on my page. Just because somebody leaves me a comment disagreeing about my post doesn't mean I will delete it, hey, differences are what make the world go around... But there's a mature way to disagree (respectfully), and an immature way... And really, I see no point in approving completely negative comments personally attacking me or my readers... There's no point other than to create drama... It's immature and counter productive.

Furthermore, if it bothers you that I thoughtlessly use "their" instead of "there" or "since" instead of "sense" or start sentences with "and" or don't put comas where they belong or don't capitalize my I's or write run on sentences... Then maybe you shouldn't be reading my blog if it truly bothers you enough that you find a need to leave a nasty little comments belittling my education on MY blog. Whatever, I make typos, I am not perfect... And wait for it... you aren't either. So like I said, if my poor grammar and spelling bother you that much, please feel free to stop reading my blog posts.  (-:


  1. OOOH! I think next time you should post them, then we can all point and laugh!
    It would go something like this
    ME: Hey S, did you see what that douchebag said above me? ROFL, what is she a teacher, shouldn't she get back to grading papers?
    You: Yeah, she should go F herself.

  2. Well I got one this morning that said I didn't look intelligent because I spelled half my words wrong in my "What Not to Wear to Military Balls" post... Then she went into a rant about how she's been to 8 balls and has worn a "Sexy dress" to them because her husband likes them, and she didn't agree with me that just because you wear a sexy dress you're degrading the Marine's... Problem was I never said anything about wearing a "sexy dress" or anything about degrading Marine's or anyone... So I don't know where that even came from. Then ended it with "I think you should spend a little less time blogging about girls looking too inappropriate in their dresses and more time in the gym if it bothers you so much." ...Seemed to me to be just some bored housewife trying to pick a fight. ::shrugs::

  3. What does going to the gym have to do with it? Has she ever seen your pictures?! You do NOT need to go to the gym!

  4. Yeah I know, and that's why I wasn't going to gratify her by posting the comment. It was clear she was trying to start something.

  5. Some reader are annoying just ignore them..and thank for increasing your blog traffic...

  6. Wow..that seem a bit overboard on time for them. I like your posts. They are more interesting than mine. :P

  7. Some people just want to complain and criticize others. I'm glad you don't post people's negative comments. There is enough negativity in the world already. Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and am glad you share your life and thoughts.