Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jane Wayne Day

Every once in a while, a unit will decide to have "Jane Wayne
Day". It's an event designed to show family members a little
of what it takes to be a Marine. It is in NO way reflective of
the actual day-to-day grind of being, say, a pay clerk. It's
way more fun than that.

You'll want to wear tennis shoes and old jeans and a t-shirt.
You can wear your husband's cammies if they fit you. Just be
prepared to get DIRTY! There will be different events set up.
You may run an obstacle course, or fire blanks from an M-16.
You may get to take a ride in a hummer. What events you
have depend on the unit's resources. You'll probably wind up
with a few pictures of yourself in camo face paint, wearing a
flak jacket, with M-16 in hand. They make great Christmas

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