Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rent-a-cops at the main gate

I'm shocked this is the first time I'm blogging about the rent-a-cops at the gates to base... Or at least I think it's the first time. I'm sooo not used to this, even though we've been here for 2 whole years... I mean Marine Bases are guarded by flippin Marine's... But apparently Navy Bases are guarded by freakin rent-a-cops who have total superiority issues.

So I pull up to the main gate tonight and see I pretty young blonde standing on the median. I hold my ID out by the edges so she can see the whole thing... And ofcourse she want to take it out of my hand and flip it over and inspect the back and front with her flash light. Then she waves her flashlight over the front of my car and says "Do you know that your tags are expired?" Uhh obviously I didn't unless I wouldn't be rolling through the front gate... Ok I lie, I probably would still go through the gate, but would just play stupid.

Ok so she's like "Where are you going this evening?" I tell her "I've got to pick my husband up" now mind you it's like 7pm. She says, "ok well i'm going to need to keep your ID and you need to pull your car over behind the guard shack and we're going to come peal your tags off your window and you can have a temporary pass right now to go pick up your husband" Uhhhhhhh ok?! First of all it's the freakin 18th... That means for the past 17 days my husband has been going through that same exact gate and no one gave a shit that his tags espired at the end of October...

And furthermore what irritates me... We got our freakin tags December 2008... That means that they should expire December 2009! Not October 2009. Lame... Very very lame.

Anywayz I was instructed to stay in my car till some guy meandered out of the freakin guard shack and physically removed my freakin base tags from my car with a freakin rasor... All the while they held my freakin Military ID card hostage like I was going to plow through the gate or come crap.

Very very lame... And thanx stupid blonde rent-a-cop for adding pointless crap to my already busy day tomorrow... Cuz you know, I just love waising hours in the stupid Pass Office.

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