Monday, November 2, 2009

Norfolk Zoo-Boo 2009

I'll be honest, I was not that impressed. After already being PAYING members of the zoo, we had to pay another $4 per person ($12 for our family) to JUST to get into the zoo... This is what I don't understand... It usually costs $7 for non members to get into the place... They were charging $8 for this event... So then why were members essentially charged more, $4? Why not the dollar difference? See what I'm saying?

I just don't see what the draw is... Yeah the animals seemed more active then usual because the zookeepers had been throwing pumpkins into their cadges... And yeah my kid got SOME halloween candy... But not enough to make up for that extra $12 we had to pay... I'm kinda unsure where those extra entrance charges were going... Then my daughter spotted the bounce houses... And of course they were charging an additional dollar for that... So she went in there and bounced for all of 5 minutes... Then she HAD to feed the goats, whish was another dollar for food... And then the zoo-boo-choo-choo... Ugh... It's usually $2 a rider... Which is $2 too much in my opinion... But of course they were charging EVEN MORE to ride it during this event ($3)... And of course my daughter just HAD to go on it... So there was another $9 down the whole... All together we wound up forking out $23 for 2 hours of entertainment... For something that shouldn't have cost us anything... Lame... Well I guess you live and lean... I just wouldn't recomend this event to anyone.

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