Saturday, November 13, 2010

$20 FREE Credit! There are a TON of Free Things you can get FREE RIGHT NOW!

Are you guys ready for another Designer Discount site?  If you are, you can sign up right now for FREE and get a $20 Credit for FREE!  Just like some of the other sites, you can end up getting an item for free with your credit.  You just have to wait for the perfect item to come along!

Just make sure you sign up through the invitation link, or they will put you on a waiting list and you won't get the $20 Credit.

Right now, there are a few things I saw that you can get for FREE with your $20 credit! 

In the Children's Section:
Free Children's Books from the Random House Children's Books Sale
Free Pop Up Play Sets
Free Lunchboxes
Free "Where the Wild Things Are" Stuffed Animals

There are a ton more, but so many for me to sit here and list.  So basically, sign up and use your $20 Free Credit today to get an item free!

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