Sunday, November 21, 2010

Music These Days

Did anyone watch the American Music Awards... I tried to... 'Try' being the key word. I don't know if it's my age or what, but I'm starting to understand how my mom felt when I made her listen to The Offspring, Bush and Green Day as she drive me to school, she used to say "How can you listen to this shit, all they do is scream" ...Well that's how I felt tonight. HaHa. You gotta understand I only listen to country... Well, and weird British attests or small town bands that no one's heard of... I didn't know who half these presenters were :-/

But really, is the music supposed to sound like this or were these people just having an off night? Puff Daddy, or P.Diddy, Or "Big Dirty Diddy"or "Diddy Dirty Money"? I have no idea what he's going by these days... But his 40 year old ass with his lower grill was tryin to fit in with the kids these days and still hasn't taken dancing lessons... ::shrugs:: I have no idea how he made it on this show, and we'll leave it at that... I few questions I had to ask myself throughout the show Is Miley Cyrus trying to sing country? I couldn't tell but I think I liked her better as Hannah Montana. Is Rinnah and the Black Eye Peas supposed to sound like that? Did Katy Perry use Fergie's microphone or is this how she usually sounds without a lot of background music. I don't get why people have been makin fun of this this Justen Bieber kid, he's pretty good and actually has a really good voice, getter then Miley anyway. Seriously people, the quality of music had drastically gone down... 

Oh but Holy Hell, did you see The New Kids on the Block & The Back Street Boys?!? Amazing

The only thing that coulda made it better was if they got N'Sync to preform with them.

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  1. I agree! I listen to random obscure bands too. I made my mom listen to Blink, Eve 6 and RATM back in the day ha!