Friday, November 12, 2010

Candy Turkeys

Do you have leftover Halloween candy? If so, I stumbled across this cute idea at "Lizard & Ladybug" ...If you don't have left over Halloween candy, you might want to go buy some more so you can make these super cute turkeys.

Now that Halloween is's time to get ready for Thanksgiving.
I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year.  
I'm planning a casual gathering (I'll give you peeks along the way).  
One thing I always like to have at parties/dinners/get-togethers is sweets.  
Shock, I know!

Here's a little treat I came up with using leftover Halloween candy.

this is what I started with

This is what I ended up with
I used black icing gel to make 'eyes'

These would make fun treats for a classroom.  
They would be great as cupcake toppers.  
A bunch of these displayed on a simple platter would look pretty cool too.  
It may be a little more time consuming, but how cute would these be on a stick?!?

Play around with your Halloween candy (if you have any leftover) 
to see what goodies you can make! 

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  1. How stinking cute! I am in the middle of making a care package for my Marine and these would be fun to put in there. Too bad they'd probably fall apart. Doesnt mean I can't make them for myself though :) Thanks for sharing!