Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Get your FREE Blue Star Flag

In an attempt to reach out to the military community, and honor out families, Grantham University is offering service members FREE Blue Star Flags!

This is great, after five years of marrage and two deployments, I, for whatever reason, still don't own a Blue Star Flag... So I jumped all over this offer... And so should you.

You don't know what a Blue Star Flag is you say? The Service Flag is an official banner authorized by the Department of Defense for display by families who have members serving in the Armed Forces during any period of war or hostilities the United States may be engaged in for the duration of such hostilities. (usflag.org)

The service flag (also known as "blue star banners" or "son in service flags") was designed and patented [in] World War I... The flag quickly became the unofficial symbol of a child in service... In 1918 a suggestion made by the Women's Committee of the Council of National Defenses that mothers who had lost a child serving in the war to wear a gold gilt star on the traditional black mourning arm band. This led to the tradition to cover the blue star with a gold star on the Service flag to indicate that the service member has died or been killed.

During World War II, the practice of displaying the service flag became much more widespread. Virtually every home and organization displayed banners to indicate the number of members of the family or organization serving in the Armed Forces, and again, covered those blue stars with a gold star to represent each member that died.

The Department of Defense specifies that family members authorized to display the flag include the wife, husband, mother, father, stepfather, parent through adoption, foster parents who stand or stood in loco parentis, children, stepchildren, children through adoption, brothers, sisters, half brothers and half sisters of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States. The flag should be displayed in a window of the residence of person who are members of the immediate family.

Anywayz, to receive your FREE Blue Star Flag just visit MyStarFlag.com and click on the Grantham University offer... ENJOY!!!

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