Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taking the Christmas out of the season.

It appears that the Grinch is alive and well in America. The latest grinchish act, is that cities across America are changing the name of the Christmas tree, to the "holiday tree". I think I'm living in some alien nation lately. Why? Why is the Christmas tree suddenly offensive, and to whom?

The America I grew up with was founded on the basic principles of freedom of worship, along with other fundamental rights. Slowly over the years, I've witnessed a slow progressive erosion of some of our most cherished traditions and rights, especially those concerning Christmas. What bothers me most about this, is that Christmas of all the holidays we have, is the one most based on pure love and the joy of giving.

Growing up, I lived in an upper class neighborhood, where Christians, Jews, Muslums,
Hindus and Buddhists co-existing peacefully, side by side. At school, we celebrated Christmas and Hannukah, out of respect for everyone. I remember celebrating the Chineese New Year at the end of January, and discussing both passover and Easter in the spring. No one made an issue over Nativity scenes or our neibhor's lit menorahs. We simply accepted and respected each others beliefs.

Nowadays, in many communities across this country, Nativity scenes are banned, and Christmas is referred to as the Holiday. Bah Humbug! I think we've gone too far in our efforts to be politically correct, and in the process, robbed our culture and our children of many of the most magical aspects of Christmas. What happened to our tolerance? Why are we allowing this to happen at all? I don't care if my current neighbors worship trees, believe in goblins or anything else. It is their right, as it is mine to enjoy my Christmas as I, an American citizen see fit.

Perhaps the Christmas grinches need to go live elsewhere, and leave the rest of us to pursue the right to liberty and equality. This nation was founded on a belief in God, it's on our currency for heaven's sake-In God we trust, and in our Pledge of Allegiance: "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL" We allow children of differing beliefs to be accommodated in our schools, but Christian children must not pray on schoolgrounds. It's not right that our most basic values and beliefs are being taken away, one by one.

I just think all this nonsince it rediclious. Shoping today after paying and have the casheer hand me the recept I said "thank you" and was a bit thrown off when for the frist time this holiday season I had him reply "Merry Christmas". It was nice... And something I really appreaciated... And unfortunatly something I got a little too used to NOT hearing.

So with that said...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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