Monday, December 28, 2009

How "they" can improve Base Housing.

Over the past few years the DOD has transferred the management of "base housing" over to private companies. Although a lot has been improved, there are still quite a few areas I think "they" could change...

The biggest thing I wish base housing would do, is add built in shelving.I love how this shelving doubles as a dining room table.Or a bed in the wall for our small 2nd and 3rd bedrooms!
And I love this idea for the master bedroom!
And with this little gizmo, you could really cut down on bathroom space...Shower, toilet, sink in one... And with all that saved space, it'll leave room for one of these babies...And I love this storage idea! compartments under the stairs.
And I think this is just totally ingenious wallpaper... And I really think they should think of using this wallpaper in base housing to hide all the oddly placed electrical plugs.
And OMG check out this door! Not that it would make base housing any more efficient or space saving... I just think this looks totally awesome. It opens as a ping pong table!

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