Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Get Free Food from Restaurants

Getting free food from restaurants is easy! Free food offers include everything from full meals to free desserts. Here are some tips for how you can find free food deals.
  • Sign up for email or birthday clubs as a way to get free food from restaurants. Many will send you coupons for free food items just for signing up. Birthday freebies can include anything from free desserts to a free full meal! Several restaurants will email you ongoing coupons for free food items, buy one get one free offers or other discounts.
  • Be aware of restaurants that offer kids eat free nights and places that have buy one get one free food deals for seniors. Restaurants are coming out with all kinds of money saving deals to get your business, so be on the lookout for offers in your area.
  • Consider using the motto "Will work for free food." Many restaurants, catering jobs, pizza delivery, even grocery stores offer employees free food and discount incentives. Even working at these jobs part time can net you some free food.
  • Email or write to restaurants you enjoy and give them your opinions and comments. You may be surprised to find many places will send you coupons for free food or discount offers just for taking time to contact them. Be sure to include your mailing address in your message.
  • Look online. Sometimes you can find free food offers and coupons that can be printed off from restaurant web sites or they may be advertising free food promotions taking place at the resaurants. Let others do the searching for you by looking on web sites that list free samples and offers.
  • Consider doing online surveys as you can often receive free food offers and restaurant gift cards this way. Some paid to search and other types of web sites also offer restaurant gift cards as prizes or rewards.
  • Use a reward credit card. Several credit cards offer rewards which can be redeemed for restaurant gift cards.
  • Look in local newspapers and mailings for free food and discounts offered by restaurants. Also check inside your local phone book as many restaurants put coupons inside and advertise there.

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