Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Alright, so we are up to 77 followers now and I've been betting quite a few emails in the past two months asking me why I do not allow comments... Well honestly, it was originally to avoid drama... But I have been getting soooo many positive emails, which by the way thank you all so very much for the support... I try to email back as many people back as possible, but it gets chaotic around here and some people/emails slip through the cracks and I apologise... So to make it easier for everyone else, I have enabled comments to anyone, you don't even have to be logged into Blogger... So now feel free to comment on posts, well maturely of course... Drama is one thing I can't stand.


  1. YAY! I always have comments on your posts. Now I can actually tell you before I forget. ;)

  2. Oh, PS. You should make it so you have to approve the posts, otherwise a bunch of spammers attack your site.

  3. I think I have it set that if you don't have a blogger account the posts have to be approved... If I get 1 spam, I will defiantly be changing to have all comments approved.