Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teen Mom star looses baby

Geez! This girl has got a world of problems! Then again, she pretty much brought them all onto herself. Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has reportedly lost custody of her 2-year-old daughter, Leah. Sources say Amber's baby daddy Gary reveal that almost a week ago, Amber dropped the baby off at Gary's house and then vanished. She hasn't visited, called, texted, emailed or anything in six days. She seems to have cut off all contact with Gary and by association, her own daughter! That is not going to sit well with the judge when her domestic violence case comes up! What kind of mother just abandons her child like that? What kind of mother could stand leaving something so precious and not even care to check up on it! Awful!


  1. Well maybe this is for the best. I mean hopefully she figured that she was a bad mom, and that her child would be better off without her. But then again thinking of someone besides herself probably hasn't even crossed her mind. I just hope this child can start to live a normal life somewhat.

  2. Sad story. This girl obviously needs some serious help. I do hope she receives treatment and gets better so she can be a good mom to her daughter.

  3. Luckly this little baby still had a father who wants to be in her life. Every time (on the show) that the mom flips out, Gary the father, seems to be the voice of reason... And he seems to be the one TRYING to remove the baby girl from the situation. Honestly I hope he gets custody of this baby.