Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Oi-Vey! I don't know what else to really say... I have spent HOURS text msging my ex back and forth and am aoooo tired! So apparently I didn't work hard enough on the marriage... Even though I begged him to go to councling with me (and he refused) I should have tried harder... I should have physically drug his bitt there. So now it's all my fault that our marriage broke up becuase I didn't make him dump his girlfriends and didn't do enough to try to change his mind ::rolls eyes::

So ANYWAYZ, he begged me to move on and get over him... So what did I do, 3 months later I reconnected with an old friend from high school and went on a date... So I gave my ex a heads up cuz I really liked the guy and my ex flipped... Started posting random weird posts on facebook, pegging me as the bad guy... Then emailing MY friends... Not even OUR friends... But MY friends and just talking shit trying to make ME look like I was the one who left him... He's got is all ass backwards.

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