Wednesday, November 5, 2008

People like this...

I wish this was a joke... But some how I really get a feeling it's not... It's people like this, that barrack owes his victory to...

(Screen shot from November 5th)
I know, it's too small to read, but here's what "Alana G" has to say about how her voter fraud helped Obama win:
"Congratulations to Barack Obama and this whole country for getting off their azzes and voting.
I was at my polling place at 6:45am this morning to get in line. And even though I had registered weeks in advance and I had called to make sure my name was registered, I was NOT on their list. They told me to vote with a "provisional" ballot. Provisional is Latin for "does not count."
I wasn't feeling the idea of a provisional vote, so when the volunteer voting guy wasn't looking, I slipped my ballot into the regular voting box instead of into the pink provisional envelope he had prepared for me. And then I dipped with a quickness. Suckas!!
Voter fraud is EZ like Sunday morning. After my success at my home polling place, I went to four others in my county and did the same thing before rolling into work at 10:30am and complaining about how there had been "a long line." I guess it was "wrong," but it was for a good cause. And if they really want to prevent fraud, maybe instead of manning polling places with teenagers and elderly retirees they should call in the Coast Guard or some Chinese Olympic performers or someone who knows how to run a tight operation..."

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